30 June, 2016

Hey look, I made mistake!

This is a show & tell where I show you a dress and you say wow but then I'll point out the mistakes...because I made a big mistake but liked the finished dress to much to not fix it!
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The dress is the Marie dress and of course I had to make it as my name is Marie!  I don't see too many Marie things so I had to get my hands on it straight away.
The pattern was super easy to make, way easier than some of the other patterns that I've whipped up lately.  This is also my first dress in a knit fabric and if you have any tips on how to do a bottom hem on knit fabric, I'd love to hear them as that was the hardest bit for me.
...please ignore the grass stains on Laney's knee!
 Are you looking at it and seeing heaps of mistakes or none?  I hope you can't actually see any.... 
The boo-boo that I made is the neckline, I totally forgot to cut a piece out and well, Laney was having one of her day-long tantrums and this turned into stress sewing!  The neckline is lower than it should be, I'm currently sewing another Marie dress ...with all the pieces and you'll be then able to see what it's actually supposed to look like!

So... how did I do?  Is the fabric ok? The more I look at the fabric, the more I see a Court Jester ......


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