07 June, 2016

Things I'm doing (or not doing!)

It's just turned winter here so you'd think I'd be snuggled up inside with a hot cup of tea and some crafts....well, no! 
Instead, we have all be sick with colds for two weeks and we are tired, listless and so over it. Hopefully, we are on the tail-end of it now and can start to resume our usual activities.  I find it frustrating sitting on the couch at night too sick to knit or crochet, it's so boring just watching tv with still hands!

So I thought I'd list the things that I may or may not be doing...
~ this crochet blanket, it's close to being done but I have 'finishitis' -- you know when you are so close to finishing something and then it gets boring!
~ I just ordered this nifty little stand to hold my smart phone (I have an android, what do you have?) ... I will now be able to take better family photos!
~ I'm trying to find something different to cook for dinner, I seem to be rotating the same 4 recipes every week!  Savory mince, Spaghetti Bolognese, Chicken & noodles and Baked Sausages with vegies, not forgetting leftovers!
~ Have you heard of a Yarnit?  Well, they are nifty yarn holders for knitting & crocheting and they have just released a bigger version via Kickstarter. I really want one but by the time I add postage in to the cost then convert it to Aussie dollars, I think it's a bit out of my price range unless of course you think it's the bees-knees and maybe I should really get one?
~ I'm trying to not look at any sale alerts that keep popping into my emails, I'm trying to hold-off buying anything until I have finished a couple of things that are sitting on my kitchen table!
~ Speaking of kitchen tables, that is where I sew, so we haven't actually eaten dinner there for about 5 months!  I wish I had one of those super pretty sewing rooms but I don't. Even if I did have my own studio, I like sitting at the table with my kids and chat to them whilst they play/draw etc.
~ Did you see my earlier blog post about my new fancy basket, I'm super proud of it and have ideas for lots more!

So, tell me, what are you doing craft wise or food wise or reading wise or avoiding wise?
And ummm... did you catch my earlier post with my very first pattern review... was I too harsh?!

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  1. Oh no, no good that you guys have been sick, hope you feel better soon.
    I did read your review, it was honest and it's good to let others know your experience. Did you let the pattern maker know what you thought?

    Ah h...cooking, the never ending dilemma of what to cook. We have our usuals aswell, lentils and rice, noodles with tofu, wedges and roasted veg salad, lentil bolognese pasta, potato and cauliflower curry (aloo gobi)...ummm...they are the usuals and in winter a chickpea soup or minestroni soup with whatever veg is in the fridge.

    Have a good rest of the week and feel better soon x

    1. I'm not brave enough to contact the designer, I've seen her bully other people online & it's just not pretty. I love soups too but that is just one thing that Laney won't eat.

  2. I hope you all get well soon. It is Summer here and I have spent weeks with family in hospitals. So get well! Looks like your more organized than me at the moment. I love your basket and the review was brutal true and funny. I am trying to get my eggs back in a basket! My family are all on the mind and my stress level a bit lower. I miss you funny as I never met you. Maybe I can get back to social media soon but for now know you and your family are in my prayers (thoughts) you get it!

    1. Gosh, I hope your family are all well again really soon Lisa.
      Hugs, Rie.

  3. Beatiful colors and pattern !!!
    Wish you the best !
    ps try some soup...

    1. I LOVE soup but that is just one thing that I can't get my two year old to eat!

  4. Wow. It´s beautiful!
    How do you make this beuatiful stitch?


    1. All the details are explained in the pattern, it's an easy stitch to learn.


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