07 July, 2016

Angry knitting

I don't know what you think of this project but every time I pick it up, I feel angry.
The colours are not my normal choice, I bought the yarn online as the orange looked lovely but knitting it up, it's just making me crabby.
Then I made a mistake a few rows back and sighed so loudly, Laney came to see what was wrong.
I pulled it off the needles to undo the last couple of rows but then I stepped back and looked at it...
I LOVE the shape but... I'll never wear it as I just don't like those colours.

So I've frogged it (undone it) and it's made me happy to do so, phew!  I've given the yarn to my Mum so she can make some socks from it.

..now to find some soothing to knit instead.

All the details here..


  1. I thought it was pretty! We are one vacation in Florida and hubby and I are half sick. Tomorrow we go to Universal Studios a big amusement part so David can see Harry Potter Land! He is very excited me not so much! Got an ear ache but we Mothers must carry on! The visit at SIL's and family has been great. The heat is like a oven, humid, never complain about hot days in WV again. But you know more about heat than me! Went to a few quilt shops on my way here, that was fun!

  2. Send some of that heat down, here ...brrr, it's cold!


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