25 July, 2016

Pants for two

It seems that Joe & I are developing a habit that every school holidays, we head to town and buy fabric that we then turn into either shorts or trousers. Well, this school holidays was no different, except this time I actually used a pattern!
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Joe picked some superhero jersey knit instead of the drill cotton that he's picked in the past and because I've never sewn trousers with stretchy fabric, I opted to use a pattern.
I chose some big pocket pants pattern from here and decided to cut a pair for Laney as well.

I'm super happy with the result as are the kids as you can clearly see ((aren't they adorable!)).

I've been checking out more stretchy fabric for future pants and I'm liking this fabric for Joe and this super cutey fabric for Laney.

Have you been sewing clothes lately, do you use knit (stretchy) fabric?

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