27 July, 2016

In making

I've been trying to "make" a lot this week but I get distracted by creating so the making keeps slowing down.
I'm trying to make more, to spend less or at least spend less until I make more so then I have more room to create.  Confused yet, I am!

The top photo is the start of a new crochet project that I found in a basket next to my chair -- started, stalled & forgotten. I'm trying to find the time to finish it.
Then today sees me running out of cotton. Seriously, who runs out of freakin' cotton especially on a freakin' cold day. Stop making. Gather the kiddies. Head to the shops. 
....nope, it's too cold so I dived into a drawer and found some red cotton, it'll do.  I'm making undies for the kids, using this pattern. I'll do a show & tell when I finish them.

What kind of things are you making lately?   I'd love to making this and I really, really need this sign!

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