15 February, 2011

Meet Jobot

  Guess what.... he's finished! 
Yes, I have actually started & finished a project (and it was within a month too!).
Joe is a little too young yet to play with him, but I made him really narrow so Joe can get his little hands around his new toy.
His back is fabric to give another texture for Joe to discover. Mind you, with my sewing, it looks like Jobot has a wedgie!
I took advantage of a sleeping Joe to grab a 'kodak' moment with his new toy!
I'm pretty impressed with myself!


  1. All that and with a baby to care for. Well done. Love the multi-colours.

  2. Jobot wears his wedgie with pride!!!! hes very cute.

  3. He is cute and definitely made with love. I had to smile at the wedgie though :-D

  4. Lol wedgie!!! I love him :-)


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