08 February, 2011

My attempt at knitting a toy!

I've decided to knit baby Joe a toy BUT I don't do patterns well & I'm not the worlds best knitter. So I have chosen to use the basic knit stitch or garter stitch as some know it and make the pattern up as I go along.
This is what I have so far... how is it looking?  
Ha, I know, I've only casted on the stitches - but hey this is a giant step for me!!!


  1. practice makes perfect!
    Im still only using the knit stich to,
    purls jsut don't like me!

  2. nice colours! cant wait to see what it morphs into. Im with you on patterns but I never let anything get the better of me so Im shipping over the Aunty and the Mother to help me win this battle. I will go to great lengths you know heh heh heh


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