14 March, 2010


Ever found a box hidden away in plain sight?
And in this box was a treasure trove?
What if there were bag handles,
 purse clasps and
bundles of Japanese fabric squares?
You'd think it was your lucky day,
or perhaps something bad,
something worse,
something that perhaps that you feel ashamed to admit too...
I think I am a stash-a-holic.
Are you? 
Or am I alone?

1 comment:

  1. I am definitely guilty of the craft stash Rie!! I am habouring projects that are relics like cross stitch kits purchased at the 1992 Stitches and Craft show amongst other gems and there's just no way I can part with them so they go nicely back in their special places to be rediscovered in another year or two. Is there a help line??


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