28 March, 2010

So, I'm not complaining or anything....

This is me... I walk into the kitchen, seeing the stack of dishes in the sink, a huge stack (and there's only 2 of us) and then commenting ..... "Geesh, I can't believe that the washing up needs to be done again, I only did it a couple of days ago"......
Apparently, complaining with that statement does me no favours. I mean, seriously, what - I have to do the dishes everyday and what (???) after every meal???!!?? 

UGH! I hate being an adult, geesh, next you'll be telling me I should brush my teeth twice and day & too floss as well.....


  1. Ha ha! I think you need a dishwasher.
    I live alone and I hate that I have to always do the dishes.

  2. Oh, yes, being an adult definitely has its drawbacks. The dishes I don't mind so much, but those bathrooms don't clean themselves - eeewwww!

  3. I know what you mean! I am so fortunate that where I live now, we have a dishwasher! Thank God!.. though I still find it hard to keep the kitchen tidy none the less...


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