14 February, 2012

Window Shopping 50bucks!

Ok, so here's the challenge, daydream what you will spend $50 on
at the Georgie Love store. 
Easy hey!  So do it & then blog about it & then enter the competition to have a chance to win $50 to spend at Georgie Love plus lots of other goodies as well!
Here's my $50 wish list....

or maybe....

or maybe............ 
Ok, this fella is $10 more, but hey, the beard is worth it!!

Ok, Ok, I know I chose lots, too much... but in fact, I'm going to email this to my hubby as a 'hint hint' list!!!!  (I'm not the only person that does that right??  I mean, everyone else drops major hints to their spouses too right?)

1 comment:

  1. I'm past hinting these days. I went out and actually purchased my Christmas present, then hid it for him in the wardrobe - of course showing him where it was. All he had to do was wrap it and give it to me on Christmas day. And do you know what? He forgot.


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