16 November, 2011

Tracing a stocking

Bubba Joe needs a Xmas stocking... it'll be his very first one! Yay!
So, I traced our Chrissie stockings.
I did it kneeling on the floor, facing away from Bubba, so he couldn't touch the scissors.
But do you know how hard it is to cut a straight line with a baby tugging your clothes then a baby hand on your butt then a baby hand in places that a baby's hand shouldn't go.  Yes. It is very hard to cut a straight line, so the line is a little wonky in places. But the shape is there.
Wanna see what I used as a template..... 
Yep, a good ole cereal box!!

1 comment:

  1. I've used everything from coffee can lids to who knows what to make pattern templates! Alas, I no longer sew -- one two many needles through the finger!


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