23 November, 2011

Stuff it!

I just walked out to the garden to hang the nappies on the line, when I suddenly realised, that I was in the garden. Yep, I know. Not the smartest cookie in the pack! But I realised that we will only be here for another 2 weeks before we move, in fact, it's less than 2 weeks now.  So then it will be bye bye garden, bye bye flowers and bye bye spectacular view.  
And here I am sitting inside, stressing about trying to make Xmas gifts for everyone & missing out on the garden. So Stuff It.  I'll buy them all boxes of chocolates, packets of cookies & cartons of beer and make presents next year.

So if you want me, I'll be out the back, on a picnic rug with my son.

Chat soon!

BTW... it's not like the hand-made presents are overly appreciated by the recipients... So I'll just 'bust a gut' & finish Bubba's Xmas stocking and buy the rest  gifts!!  Do you ever feel the same?  Do you feel that your hand-made gifts often go under-appreciated??
Oh.. and the view??  Here 'tis!