23 November, 2011

Stuff it!

I just walked out to the garden to hang the nappies on the line, when I suddenly realised, that I was in the garden. Yep, I know. Not the smartest cookie in the pack! But I realised that we will only be here for another 2 weeks before we move, in fact, it's less than 2 weeks now.  So then it will be bye bye garden, bye bye flowers and bye bye spectacular view.  
And here I am sitting inside, stressing about trying to make Xmas gifts for everyone & missing out on the garden. So Stuff It.  I'll buy them all boxes of chocolates, packets of cookies & cartons of beer and make presents next year.

So if you want me, I'll be out the back, on a picnic rug with my son.

Chat soon!

BTW... it's not like the hand-made presents are overly appreciated by the recipients... So I'll just 'bust a gut' & finish Bubba's Xmas stocking and buy the rest  gifts!!  Do you ever feel the same?  Do you feel that your hand-made gifts often go under-appreciated??
Oh.. and the view??  Here 'tis!


  1. You got to take time to stop and smell the flowers! And your garden and view is well worth that time.
    Hope your next place is equally beautiful.

  2. Oh my, how could you ever leave that view. I had a similiar experience this morning ... sort of ... we have now sold our house in Sydney and I went up the other day and walked about it and pick up all the dead heads from the agapanthus that hadn't been picked up by the tenants and put them in the recycling. The one thing I didn't do as I was sort of saying goodbye to my house is walk up the street to the park on the corner and say goodbye to it ... Next time I'm in Sydney, I'll have to go up and have a look!

  3. I only ever make presents for a small, select group of people who I know will appreciate them. There is no point otherwise. It's a shame to lose that garden but I hope you are moving to somewhere even nicer!

  4. You're leaving that!?! You are right to stop and enjoy it!


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