02 November, 2011

Make a Shaker

There's one thing in life that really makes me happy and it's to see someone enjoy something that I made.
... Especially if that someone is my own bubba!   
... and that something is a very cheap Shaker!  
A shaker made from a 4dips container, washed, filled with beans & glued shut.
Most excellent fun to have!
He also loves the old clear orange juice container with a spare lid inside it and the vitamin bottle filled with rice.
Scraps of yarn are fun too as well as my shoelaces, my slippers and the laptop cable!

You'll have to excuse the huge nappy picture of Joe, because he wears cloth nappies & they make his butt look huge!

And just in case you doubted me, here's some proof.....
First with the 4dip shaker...

Then with the rice/vitamin shaker...