28 October, 2011

Hello World.

Hi there!  How are you?  What have you been up to lately?
Me? Well, I've been a little 'over' everything and haven't been doing much lately.
I think making Universal Craft Blog Directory sapped all of my energy!
The UCBD is going great guns! Yes it is, in fact right now, that is Friday 28th Oct 2011 at 2.40pm there are 155 on the directory list - how awesome is that!!!

I have received so many positive comments out there - thank you to each & every one of them! I love your feedback!

In crafty news, I've been making lists but not doing anything - and that has been really bugging me.......  So I just bought a crochet baby boot pattern via Etsy.. and I've dived right on in there & started it. So now I've already completed the first row on the first boot and have not let any distractions stop me!    So we'll wait to see how long this spurt of craftiness lasts... will bubba Joe have 2 boots to learn how to walk around in ... or will he have to learn how to hop?   Ha... hmm, I just realised that I indeed stopped the crochet on the boots to write this post......

I've also signed up to 2 swaps.
The first is a fabric swap, I've already done my bit with that... just waiting for the postie to arrive now!  
The second swap is via The Haby Goddess, it's a Red n White Kris Kringle hand made goody swap... I've got to screw my brain together to come up for something with this... but I will, I will.

In personal news... we just signed the paperwork for our mortgage yesterday... eek!  Roll on to the last day of November & that's when the 'new' house becomes ours, then we have to pack, move, unpack and on the 15th December it'll be bubba Joe's very 1st birthday and then we have to think about Xmas!     Oh, and how can I forget... bubba started to crawl, in fact he took his first wibbly wobbly steps 2 days before my birthday.. oh and yes it was my birthday - I turned the big... 37!!!

Busy, busy, busy (& tired).

So, what have you been doing & what are you planning?


  1. Happy birthday! And congrats on both the new house and the baby's first steps =) I'm having the same problem with crafting, there just aren't enough hours in the day!

  2. Lots of news you skipped over in there. Happy Birthday. Wow moving at Christmas.. interesting. We moved with the military once at Christmas time.. Had a paper picture of a tree on our wall in our house in Japan. It made my daughter proud that it was her picture that brought Santa LOL.

  3. Woo! Big congratulations! Home, baby steps, booties, swaps! You are one busy mama!


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