08 October, 2011

Ranch love

So... I um, recently read a soppy girlie book that was about Cowboys and they lived in Wyoming.
So... I um, I had to Google Wyoming & Cowboys.
So... um... I then fell in love with the look of these ranches and the scenery!!!!!!

Jackson Hole Dude Ranch Barn, Wyoming Dude Ranch Vacation

Hiking Fitness Program at Jackson Hole Dude Ranch, Family Vacation Wyoming

There were stacks of sites but the list was getting too big!

Or.. there are some ranches for sale in Wyoming...

Buckeye Ranch

Sheep Rock Ranch - Saratoga Wyoming

Miner Ranch

Schaffer Ranch

All photos are via the ranches website.


  1. Wyoming is indeed beautiful - I've been there 2 or 3 times. But you do realize, none of these photos depicts what it looks like during winter - just color them all WHITE! What was the book, by the way? I like soppy girlie stuff every once in a while...

  2. seriously, who wouldn't fall in love with that ? :)


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