11 October, 2011

A little piecing....

Today finds me totally engrossed in something completely new.
... I'm paper piecing...
... and it's so much fun....
... and so incredibly easy...
... and so fast...
I love it!
I adore it!
Have you ever tried Paper Piecing?  
What is it? Well, it's where you take a paper piece(!), in my case a hexagon, fold over the fabric, baste the fabric in place then join to another piece using a simple whip stitch. Once they are all joined, you take out the basting & the paper and you end up with a very cute hexagon flower (in my case). You can then make lots more and join them together to make a quilt or use it as an applique - which is what I'll think I'll do with mine.

Like it, well stay tuned as I'm going to have some sample kits to giveaway in about a month or so, then you can try it for yourself!!


  1. I've done it with pop out plastic templates, but never with actual paper. Looks nice so far!

  2. It's the perfect slow craft, I love it, though I haven't done any for ages.

    And in answer to your email question about what work I went back to after 18 years, I am an academic librarian. Which is fun, but I'd still rather be at home with my kids, even if they are sproutingly ancient teenagers!!

  3. WOW. Easy huh? I've always wanted to give this a go. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Your paper piercing looks wonderful. Beautiful.

  4. I love it, what a great way to get perfect corners! I tried quilting but find I am too much of a perfectionist and get discouraged when things don't line up exactly. I may have to try doing this.


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