17 November, 2011

Stacks of business cards

Do you have stacks of business cards that you've collected over the years?
Yep? Hey, me too!  
Especially since we just finished looking at houses, I have lots of real estate agents cards scattered everywhere.
So, I decided to cut them all up into hexagons...

Creating a big stack of hexy's to use for Bubba's Xmas stocking!


  1. That is a very thrifty way to use business cards you don't use! Well done!

  2. My kids love to use them as "credit cards". I also use them to make templates/stencils. Yes, there really is another purpose for just about anything:) Cyndy

  3. Good idea, very creative solution:)

  4. Maybe it is too early in the morning for me,,,but what are you going to do with the hexagons? how are they gonna help you with bubba's stocking?

  5. I'm wondering the same thing as Vikki?

  6. That's a really clever way to recycle them, at least they can turn into something useful and pretty!

  7. These are stunning business cards, really inspiring work!!!!!


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