22 April, 2013

A little hooky business

I itched to pick up the crochet hook again and not wanting to follow a project pattern, I opened up the stitchy book & learnt a new stitch. This stitch has many names ...and if I could find where bubba has hidden the book I would gladly tell you it, but until then lets just call it a stitchy circle!

Oops, undo undo undo cos I made the same mistake for 3 rows!!
And here is what it looks like so far, it was looking way to pink for me, so I threw in some white.  It'll hopefully be a cushion when it's finished.


  1. it's a lovely stitch pattern

  2. I love this stitch!

  3. Wow, now that is a stitch! You need to tell me how to split you email that go out for email! Please! It is me you crafing crazy friend

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