11 July, 2012

Vinyl Glass Decal

I finally found time to put the vinyl decal onto the glass sliding door!
Here is the before photo of the door - boring yes. This door my hubby has 'walked through' twice, both times extremely funny for me but not for him as he nearly broke his nose, but I only decided to put a decal on it after bubba tried to 'walk through' the door - that was NOT funny, a lot of tears.  The photo is taken from the kitchen looking outside to the back yard.
And, here is the after shot... you can barely see the decal in the photo, which is actually fantastic because I didn't want the decal to be 'in ya face' or stand out too much. 
So I then had to try to get some other shots of it to show you...
Here is it from outside looking in...
and a few close ups...
the hummingbird..
a flower..
and of course, I have to have a pic of bubba admiring it..
So after taking lots of photos and not really getting a good picture, I waited until night to take a shot of it, hopefully you can see the cool decal now..

...note to self... before taking photos of our home to show the outside world to remember to CLEAN UP FIRST YOU RIE!!!


  1. That is a lovely design....and Im glad it is also functional as well as looking nice.

    Helen :)

  2. It is really cute! It looks cleaner than mine!

  3. très sympa cette porte avec ce bel habillage bravo ton petit est très mignon bises


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