18 July, 2012

Yarn stash

Being that it is Winter here & very chilly, I've been stuck inside.... So what does a girl do when it's too cold inside to craft???????  
She plays with her yarn stash of course!   
I've been sorting it & logging my stash onto Ravelry, I'm nearly half way through the stash now.
Have you added your stash to Ravelry? It's quite rewarding and you get to see all the other projects that people have been making with the same yarn - oodles of inspiration!
If you have added it to Raverly, then put a link to your Rav page in the comments section so I can drool admire it!!


  1. I was lucky to find Ravelry very soon after starting to knit, so I've always posted stash as soon as it arrived in the house. My stash page is: http://www.ravelry.com/people/Stitched-Together/stash

  2. Too cold to craft?! Argh! :)

    You have put your time to good use though. Your stash looks great. I am not that organised with my stash, though it is quite modest in size. I tend to only buy yarn for specific projects. I ended up with way too much fabric by buying bits that I liked when I saw it, then I still wouldn't always have what I needed for projects! So I am limiting my yarn intake. :)

  3. Yes... and it was one of the most satisfying things ever. So lovely to be able to browse my stash online... I can take a virtual roll around in all my yarny goodness.
    I'll be sure to check yours out soon... but right now Mr 5. is telling me that it is his turn on the 'puter.


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