07 August, 2013

To hex or not?

Hey there people! I am wanting your super advice right now.  Do you see the pile of fabrics above? Well, I am wanting to cut up that pretty bundle & sew them into hexagons and maybe make myself a quilt for my bed.  ...BUT...

because I've never actually bought 'proper' fabric before or used 'proper' paper templates before, I thought I'd hit you up for some advice before I chop & sew.
Firstly, are the designs ok for the size of the templates (1.5inch), I don't mind if I don't get the whole image in each hexy but hey, if you have experience in this, please speak to me!  
I've taken a photo of the fabrics with the hexy piece on it so you can see the image dimensions etc.
Also, do I have to wash & iron this fabric before I chop & sew?  (ugh, I really don't want to) AND, if I do have to wash - won't it fray??   
Oh, the fabric is from the lovely Saffron Craig, available here if you want more details on her fab range.
So, talk to me, advise me, be my fabric/quilting guru. (please & pretty please)