07 August, 2013

To hex or not?

Hey there people! I am wanting your super advice right now.  Do you see the pile of fabrics above? Well, I am wanting to cut up that pretty bundle & sew them into hexagons and maybe make myself a quilt for my bed.  ...BUT...

because I've never actually bought 'proper' fabric before or used 'proper' paper templates before, I thought I'd hit you up for some advice before I chop & sew.
Firstly, are the designs ok for the size of the templates (1.5inch), I don't mind if I don't get the whole image in each hexy but hey, if you have experience in this, please speak to me!  
I've taken a photo of the fabrics with the hexy piece on it so you can see the image dimensions etc.
Also, do I have to wash & iron this fabric before I chop & sew?  (ugh, I really don't want to) AND, if I do have to wash - won't it fray??   
Oh, the fabric is from the lovely Saffron Craig, available here if you want more details on her fab range.
So, talk to me, advise me, be my fabric/quilting guru. (please & pretty please)


  1. Some of the larger prints may end up looking a little abstract, but they are your choice of fabrics, they represent you and what you like, so why wouldn't they work? It may be fun laying in bed trying to work out which bit of the critters is where!

  2. I wouldn't pre wash the fabric. I only do that if I'm making clothing. Pretty fabrics! And sure they'll work for hexies.

  3. There is no print too large or small for a hexy :) I would go for it. fussy cut some of the images that fit.... with the larger prints, you can also try cutting some in the same place where the print repeats so that each petal of the hexy flower is the same... it's a cool effect. Maybe you should pose this question to the Hexy groups on Google+ or Flickr? https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/118356234116165348112


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