30 May, 2017

Scrap busting: a mini bassinet for a doll


Would you believe that this little toy cot/bassinet is made from scraps? Yeah, it sure is and here's the photo to believe it!  

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So this is the kind of scraps that I had left over from when I made my super cool project bag. I just couldn't stand to put them into the bin, so I decided to try #ZeroTrashCraft (a new thing I thought of!!) and to make something from my trash. The yarn from for the blanket was left over from this project.

I didn't use a pattern, I just fiddled around with my pieces until I could see what it would be become. Truthfully, I thought I was going to make a basket or a mini box but this cot/bassinet thing just kinda happened!

My son was watching me play with the scraps and asked (in a kind of resigned voice) if I was going to give it to his sister. I answered no, I'm thinking perhaps that you might like it and whoop, whoop he did! He was so excited that he went to the toy box to see if you could find something that would fit in it. He actually found this yellow knitted bunny at the bottom, a gift from a Grandparent that we had forgotton about. I chuckled when he showed me the bunny because I had actually purchased this pattern to make for it but oh well, we'll use what we have instead!

So now Joe & Laney both have a 'baby in a bassinet' each and I have to admit that I go all mushy on the inside when they sit down and play dolls together! Laney was given her 'baby' for Christmas last year, details here.

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