02 March, 2017

Double Zip Gear Bag

A very proud show & tell for you because I'm super chuffed with this bag that I just finished!
Would you believe that it was so easy to make? Yes, it looks hard but the pattern was so well written that I breezed through making it!

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The pattern was actually a paper pattern, I've gotten so used to buying pdf patterns nowadays that it was refreshing to work with something that I didn't have to wrestle with our printer first!

I love the colour of the zips, I think they worked super well with the fabrics.

The bag easily fits my current crochet project (this one) and I'm thinking I need to make another bag for knitting projects!

I'm super keen to make another bag by the designer and I'm thinking that this one is next and not forgetting that I still need to watch & make the bag from the online class I purchased  ..oops!  I can't believe that I haven't made the bag from the class yet, I'm a slacker!

If you want to buy the pattern for the Double Zip Gear Bag, you can get it here or here. You'll also be needing some super long wide zips and mesh fabric too.

I've also popped a clip up on YouTube showcasing the bag because I love it so much!  Check it out here: 

So, have you made the bag or are you thinking of making one now?