07 March, 2017

Thinking craft, what are you doing?

What to do now, what to do in a hour and what should I do in the afternoon?
I have to admit, I'm always thinking craft.
Do I have a knitting project ready to go for the car? Do I have a 'no-think' crochet project to work along this 'think a lot' crochet project?
This is my current grab & work pile but it's not all of my current wips (works in progress) that I have at the moment.

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I'm about to start 'this pile of fabric' either today or tomorrow. I plan on making a super cute dress for Laney as the designer is having a sew-along and I thought I'd get a step ahead on either Laney's birthday or Christmas present!  So I'll be making a size 4 as she is currently a size 2 and I'm not sure when her growth spurts will occur! 
I rifled through my fabric stash rather than purchasing the 'proper' fabrics required as per the pattern states but hey I figured I should practice on what I have first before doing a fancy one!
I started to make Laney a doll as a special treat but as soon as she discovered it was for her, she requested a mermaid ...so I had to quickly change my plans and I'm trying to change up the doll pattern I was using and turn it into a mermaid!  Laney sat down with me and we spent the morning drawing mermaid tails until she declared the shape was right and then I had to try and transfer it to what I was making.
It's also my first time embroidering a face and the pattern actually gave me the confidence to do it and I'm keen to try it again (without a 3yo supervising).  Laney seems to have forgotten that I was making this for her, so I'll finish it in secret and perhaps save it for her birthday too.
This granny cowl is my no-brainer "don't want to think whilst crocheting" project using a random ball of wool that I found in my stash.

I've finally started the cross-stich part of this wrap, it's definitely a work in patience.

This is my "don't want to think" knitting project that I often take with me in the car or into waiting rooms. It's a pattern by Letes and I'm using a sample dye yarn from my Yarnotion range.

This is a project that I started a couple of years ago when I treated myself to some scrummy yarn. I've undone it a couple of times but as I was putting it away unfinished into the cupboard, I slapped myself on the wrist and I'm working a row or two on it each night.  The pattern is pretty easy it's just that the yarn is fine it is taking ages!

I'd love to hear what projects you have on the go .. and you take when you are out & about!

And would you believe that just as I was about to hit publish on this post ..the postman knocks on my front door and hands me a parcel containing a new book that I've been eagerly anticipating ...so stuff my crafting for the day, I've going to get lost in a paperback!

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