16 June, 2017

Art Caddy Tote

In an effort to stop a certain little 3year old from destroying her big brother's bedroom, I decided to make Laney her own Art Caddy Tote to store all her fun creative stuff in.  Gosh, she was so excited when I gave it to her!

I didn't follow the pattern 100%, well, to tell the truth I actually found the pattern a little confusing. In end, I just used it as a guide as it's just rectangles sewn together after all.

I'm happy with the result, Laney is happy with it and of course, big brother Joe appreciates the effort I undertook for him to have his room back!

The pattern is this one and the fabric is just stuff from my fabric stash, I think I had that lilac gingham for about 20 years! 


  1. Anonymous19 June, 2017

    Damn, I wish I сould think of ѕomething smart liкe that!

  2. Anonymous20 June, 2017

    It looks Great Rie and both children happy = WIN!!


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