10 July, 2017

A Making List

Things are getting a little chaotic for me, so it's time to review my current works in progress, look ahead to see what needs to be and start a 'Making Plan of Action'.
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I'm currently:

I'm about to sew a yellow & black dress for Laney (above piccie). I'm using this super cute organic knit fabric from Organic Cotton Plus and this sewing pattern.

I've actually started making some things for me to wear (shock horror!) and I've almost finished this Shenanigans skort in grey and a Dolman top in dark grey with fun stripey sleeves.
I also realised that Joe had outgrown his undies, so I quickly cut some up from scraps and am making these in between the bigger sewing projects above.

Yarn wise, I've just cast-off a vest for Joe but I need some small buttons which I just ordered from here, now I've gotta sew them on.
I've not forgotten Laney though! I'm currently crocheting her this cute long sleeve dress and I started to knit her this cute-as-pie teddy jumper but realised that I had enough yarn for a bigger size, so I'm making it in Joe's size and it'll be passed on to her when he's outgrown it.

I've got some yarn waiting to make myself this cool hat/cowl combo for those chilly walks to school in the morning!

Planning ahead:

I need to get organised as I need to make this cute teddy bear for a little girl who is turning one ..well, last week actually (oops).

Laney's birthday is coming up in September, so I want to make her a couple of things. I haven't really decided what to make her yet so I'd better put my thinking cap on.

My Mum's birthday is in August and I was going to make her some scrappy patchwork cushions with the remnants left over from the quilt I made her (here) but she hasn't put the quilt on her bed, it's on the back of the couch. What do you think, should I still go ahead and make her the cushions for her birthday or should I wait and give them to her for Christmas as the quilt was her Christmas pressie last year.

I really want to make myself a fun skirt for the coming spring in woven fabric and I'm thinking this cute Patsy skirt is calling my name. I'll either use vintage sheet fabric or colour-block with a main green (maybe) with a denim strip at the bottom.

I just bought this super cool book, so now I'm keen to make lots of little pouches and storage things but I think I'll hold off for a little bit and make things from it as a 'reward' for making all the other stuff on my list!

Joe's birthday is in December and I've got a few ideas on what to make him but I'm really thinking that I need to make him either the caravan or the icecream truck from this book.

and oops, I can't believe I almost forgot this! 
It's the
epp pack with pattern for the Tula Pink Nova quilt top. 
As soon as I saw this, I had to buy the pattern (& kit)
but I'm struggling to decide upon the very centre of the quilt.
Are you making this, do you have any suggestions for the centre?

Not forgetting that I released my first newsletter into the wild last week - did you get it, did you read it .. what did you think of it?  You can see it here or you sign up for the next one here too.

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