31 July, 2017

A winter cardigan for me

Apparently, I'm on a roll with making stuff for myself!  I've just finished this cardi and I LOVE it!

I totally love the long yellow sleeves and you look in the above photo, you can see that I lined the front pockets with the yellow fabric too.

Even though, I've had a bit of a brain-fart and can't remember the designer of this Dolman Cardigan (I've been sick for 2 weeks and I'm tired!!) .. I though instead I'd show you my Pinterest board of clothing patterns that I (hopefully) will make for myself. So check it out here ..  I used to just keep a list of names in my computer but that wasn't very inspiring so I started a board and hey, it seems to be working as I've made two things for myself this month!

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  1. I love it! I sent a box last week let me know when it gets to ya!


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