17 July, 2017

an Organic dress for Laney

It's the middle of winter here in Australia and brrr, it's icy cold. So being cold means long sleeve dresses which of course Laney didn't have any, so that means I headed to the sewing machine!

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I found some great organic fabric from the USA from a place called Organic Cotton Plus. The fabric is a really nice weight and perfect for dresses with the added bonus of being organic.
I actually pre-washed all my fabrics on this one because I was mixing dark fabric with light coloured fabric and didn't want to risk the colour bleeding later on.

The pattern was one of the patterns from this 'mixed' tape of patterns. It's the first time I had made a pattern from the selection and it was kinda fun and can't wait to try another.
Laney was being the typical three year old and it took me over a week to convince her to let me take a photo of her in her new dress. I, of course, had to bribe her with a lollypop as a reward and then Joe snuck in for a quick cuddle too.
I have enough yellow fabric to make her either another top or maybe some cute deer leggings. There is also lots of black fabric left over too, so I'll be making Joe some trousers as well. 

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  1. Yes! Love the dress! She is such a great model!


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