14 October, 2009

Bday Gifts & a Giveaway

As I write this, I am another year older... yes, it's that time of year again when the birthday has come & gone!
I was so lucky this year, receiving many special handmade gifts, that I thought I just had to share them with you.
Firstly, my awesome mother made this card for me:
If you look closely at the flowers, you may notice the flowers are made out recyced envelopes. I think it looks great!

Then she spun & knitted me a silky woollen scarf - it's so soft & completely divine!
And yes, there was another pair of hand knitted socks.... excellant!

In today's mail, was another nice suprise, my girlfriend of 20-odd years, hand-made a card for me! I absolutely adore it & think it's extra special - cos she has six kids & can still make fantastic gifts like this! (making me feel bad, as I barely manage to get myself ready & out the door each day for work!)
But, I have to admit, the best gift I received this year, and as every year, is the gift my brother gives me..... he calls me & chats to me about all the things that his little sister wants to talk about... now that's sweet!

And now to the giveaway.... with all the receiving of gifts, I think it only fair to have a Giveaway...
So, this hand felted (needle felted) necklace with wooden pendants on a leather cord is up for grabs......and no, I'm not re-gifting, I made this myself!
All you have to do to enter, is be a follower of my blog and post a comment below stating such! Yes, I have decided I only want my new webbieblog friends to enter - greedy aren't I!
Also, if you are a follower, for an extra chance at winning, post another comment stating that you have blogged about this comp on your blog!
Competition closes on the 8th November 2009... long deadline cos I'm headed to NZ for a short break!
And because I'm feeling extra happy..... there will be additional runner up prizes for 3 people, probably some crocheted flowers or small hand-made notelet books.


  1. Happy Birthday to you Miss CraftyRie. Sounds like you had a great one with all those lovely, thoughtful gifts and conversations. Your Mum sounds like an amazing woman with all her clever card making, spinning, weaving and knitting and it looks like you have definitely inherited her crafty gene. I love your necklace and would love a chance to win it. Love Kate

  2. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Already a follower. Enjoy your trip

  3. Oh golly gosh. Happy Birthday to you for the 14th! I'm sorry I missed the big day!

    What a great giveaway too! Glad I'm a follower! I get a chance at winning. Yee haw!!

  4. Gee lucky you. Handmade gifts are wonderful and you got so many. Reminds me...my little bro's birthday is coming up. I must go get his present. As a follower of your blog ;) I'm happy to have a chance of owning a unique piece of Rie-handiwork. he he.

  5. Happy birthday to you!!! I hope you had a great trip.

  6. Anna Said..

    All the best for your birthday! I wish you the best for your trip to NZ, I hear and have seen its a wonderful place, I really love your blog, your creative nature is fabbo! I would love this opportunity to have some of your beautiful things...

  7. I follow on twitter @bcgirll

    Happy birthday and have a great trip. The necklace is gorgeous!...thanks for the chance at winning it.

    tooluckyducky AT hotmail DOT com

  8. I am now a follower of your blog!

  9. I follow your blog. And Happy Birthday!!!!

  10. I now follow your blog!! :)

  11. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Riiieeee...and I'm following too!:D

    And that's a lovely necklace. Did you make all the beads?


  12. Happy Birthday to you Miss CraftyRie

  13. Eeek! nearly missed out! Belated happy birthday wishes :)
    Yes please - me follower! K

  14. Great Giveaway- That Necklace is gorgeous!! Happy Belated Birthday- I'm a new follower :)

  15. I am not an artistic person, so I grately appreciate those who are. And it looks like you have a very wonderful artistic family. I love the card that your mother made you. And I appreciate how it is made out of recycled material. I am already a follower of your blog.
    Caroline Scott

  16. Happy Birthday! :D
    I'm now a follower.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  17. I blogged.


    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  18. Happy birthday! I'm following now :)

  19. I am your new follower
    lubaska dot k at gmail dot com