24 October, 2009

Perfect way to end a bad day.......

Ok, so I've been working hard - doing overtime at the office. I arrive home, exhausted, slump on the couch and Mr hands me a beer (sweet!) and a parcel that arrived in the post today.

"For me?" ...... I enquire to myself, but I haven't ordered anything!

A PIF has found it's way back to me! Brilliant!  Thanks PollyPratt - I adore every little bit!
Mr & I chink our beers together and I excitedly opened my package.....

First there was the awesome stamped brown bag and then this giant gift tag.....

Then there were two groovy badges/brooches.....

And these two dangles - a teacup and a butterfly (they are already hanging from my inside fern!)

These most excellant fabric squares - am trying to decide on what to turn them into.....

And they were all tucked up nicely into this very funky zipped pouch!

Oh and there was a chocolate Freddo Frog too.... but he didn't last long enough for his photo to be taken!
Job well done, Anna! Check out Anna's Polly Pratt blog now!

BTW have you checked out my giveaway yet... it's a long blogpost - but at the bottom is a great necklace to win!


  1. That's so cool! I still haven't started making mine but they are on the list - they will happen!! Thanks for showing these - great inspiration! :) K

  2. What a nice thing to recive - and at such a time:) Wonderfull!

  3. How do you pick a favourite out of that lot - they are all fantastic. I do love that stamped bag.


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