11 October, 2009

Sock it to 'em

Do you love knitted socks?  I've just added another two to my collection.... they were originally for Mr but since I love wearing homemade socks so much, he kindly handed them over! Awwwe, ain't he just sweet!

My mum knitted him two pairs for his birthday...

Seventies Retro...

and my fav.... blue & green stripes.

Thanks Mum!  .... can I have some for my birthday... orange with red stripes or grey with purple stripes????


  1. I've never gotten in to knitted socks not having a knitter in the family but those do look lovely. Lucky you to have them handed over to you and to have a Mum that knits such cool stuff.

  2. I love knitted socks! You lucky thing :) K

  3. Wow! Knitted socks... I've gotta get me some. Maybe I can convince my mum to make me some. She's only just taken up knitting again after 20 odd years, so it might be a bit much to ask. Maybe I should just bite the bullet & learn how to make them myself. Ha.
    Thanks for entering my giveaway.

  4. they look toasty. (something my uncle milton used to say...) besos!

  5. yum!! I have to agree knitted socks are the best and I really enjoy knitting them!!
    My mum is a great knitter but has never knitted socks:(
    I like the colors of the top one, orange white, yellow and brown!


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