26 August, 2014

When the hubby is away....

My hubby has gone away for a few days on a work trip....so whilst hubby is away the wifey will play with new crafty stuff! 
I prepared for the 'going away' days to myself! I popped to the yarn store and stocked up on 4ply cotton yarn - bubba Joe chose the colours & I think he chose so well that I may get him to choose all my yarn from now on!
I am thinking that these colours would work with this blanket - what do you think?
The pattern is from this book & I've been dying to make it for ages!
I had lots of other crafty stuff planned but I have a bad inner ear infection & am not feeling great. I am stuffed full of antibiotics & pain killers, I still have to manage a baby & toddler and all the other household stuff so I think just this crafty crochet blanket will be enough.
Oh, he also left me with a full sink of dirty dishes too. Geesh, I didn't need that!

So, what do you do if your 'other' is away? Do you have pre-planned activities, stashes of chocolate or facials?