25 August, 2014

I need your opinion and... Taa daa!

Hey there!  I totally need your opinion on this bag.
Does it look ok?
It has been crocheted to look like a knitted bag - weird I know! I showed my mum the bag, who has been knitting for 50+ years & she said "Oh, you knitted it sideaways" and I was like.. "nope, it's crocheted!"
I created the pattern months ago & this was another 'test' of the bag pattern - I am about to release the pattern to testers & then hopefully, if all goes well it will be released for all.
I was actually hoping to have the pattern for release at the start of August for The Project Bag Swap but a baby, toddler and the computer kept locking then deleting the pattern document has delayed this!
More piccies & info on Ravely here.  


  1. I will repeat my Ravelry comments and say it looks great.

  2. Well I think it is beautiful! Love the colors!

  3. I would totally make that bag! Looks fabulous!


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