04 August, 2014

Brightening your day

Gradations of Woodland and Garden - 60 Color Yarn Design Set
I'm sitting here, in wintery Tasmania listening to the sound of rain, watching my baby girl trying to pull apart the toddlers colouring books, sipping tea....and perusing the internet. All of a sudden an explosion of colour happens and I am suckered right in, so I thought I'd share the bright happy yarny loving piccies with you!

14 Shades Ombré Custom Color Choice
The scrummy yarn is from a shop called Color Shift Yarn & I am totally in love with it all!
Coolant Yellow Fluorescent Gradated Yarn Set   Pastel Color Wheel Yarn Set

 Awesome huh!

all images via source.


  1. oh dear, you should not show such pictures to a person on the stash diet :-)


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