18 August, 2014

Taa daa (better late than never!)

Ok, so looky at what I made....  I needed to make another cardigan for baby Laney as it is just so cold down here at the moment & every time she wears one, it gets covered in food and has to be washed - which means that I either wash a jumper every day or once a week - I'll go with once a week thanks! Oh, and um, I actually finished this back in July but time has slipped through my fingers so fast!
She wouldn't sit still for the photos. My digital camera died so I had to use my phone but I think you can see what it's supposed to look like from the shots.
The pattern is one I printed off over a year ago but I can't find it online to be able to show you or link to it. The cardi is crocheted and I actually like the cardi as it is one of the few crochet cardigans that don't have those big bulky sleeves.
She turns one next month... yep she is 11mths old already!

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