20 August, 2014

Taa daa

I'd like a pat on the back please, I've actually finished my 4ply wrap!  Yay for me!!
Also, a question for you.... do you 'car craft'?
This wrap was a long slow knit with colours that I wasn't too 'wrapped' about! (bad pun intentional!)
After having trouble with the very first step (the cast on), then I was increasing wrong, then the saga with the broken knitting needles, add that this was mainly a 'car craft' project, phew this was such a slow project but hey, it's finally finished!  Yay! 
I'm actually beginning to like the colours now and I use the wrap as a big scarf which has come in handy with long walks down to the beach in this Tasmanian winter!
More piccies & deets on Ravelry here.
So, do you 'car craft'?  I'm looking for my next 'car craft' project & need some ideas...
ps... for those that are unsure what a 'car craft' is ... it is a project that is easily knit/crocheted/sewn that you pop into the car to work on for those long road trips or when you have to 'patiently' wait for someone in the carpark etc...