06 March, 2014

Squares not Ovals!!

Looky,  I've finally managed square corners!  I am SO totally impressed with myself, I have learnt how to do M1R & M1L because I never knew that they existed & only knew how to M1... in case you're not a knitter, M1 means make one - increasing to add another stitch & M1R means to make one to the right & M1L means to make one to the left.
I have also sorted out the centre, during the 'great un-do' and have managed to make it smother in the process (by accident), see below - looks neater right?

Also, I have decided to change the big 4 rows of colours to break up the brighter pink with the grey yarn as the grey & sandy colours were just to close in shade.
I'm not using DPN's (double pointed needles) because they are just too fiddly for me (& I poke myself in the boob all the time), so I am using interchangeable knitting needles that I got from here.

The ends get a little tangly (is that a word) but hey, it's manageable.

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