24 March, 2014

Finding time to craft

How do you fit craft time into your day?

When the moon is still in the sky and the day not yet awoken by the sun I rise.   I tip toe through the house, pop the heater & the lamp on, make myself a strong cup of tea and sit down to knit.
A few years ago I would never even contemplated rising at 5am to do anything especially knit but here I find myself each morning, curled up on the couch in a house of silence knitting. 
This tranquillity is then broken an hour or so later when my hubby stomps down the hall with baby Laney in arms & turns the tv on then goes & gets bubba Joe out of bed (who has been quietly 'reading' his book in the dark!).
At morning tea time I sneek a few rows of crochet depending on what bubba Joe is doing.

For lunch, (and yes I now give myself a 20 minute lunch break!) I knit or crochet or read a book.
 Afternoon tea normally finds me in the back room playing dinosaurs or 'cafe' with bubba Joe, sometimes he doesn't mind if I crochet but most of the time I'm playing with him.
At bathtime, once the kids are washed & happily playing in the bath, I drag a comfy seat to sit at the door to the bathroom & supervise & crochet.
Once Laney & Joe are down for the night (thank goodness for new routines from this book), I pick up my knitting once again!
You need to bear in mind though, that this happens like this only occasionally!  Sometimes the day flows well -- I've popped the dinner in the slow cooker, have done the housework, even had a shower and have lunch sorted too. Sometimes though, I don't get a shower, no housework has been done for days, I have mashed pumpkin on my trousers & baby drool on my shirt (that is inside out) and no food for lunches except a squished banana that I found on the floor!!
So, how do you find time to craft?
Do you have a set time to yourself for this?
Do you get up in the wee hours of the morning too?


  1. With great difficulty lol:) I am up at five mostly but for one very different reason , my baby.

  2. un p'tit bonjour, tu fais de jolies choses je suis moi aussi dans les grannys si tu vas sur mon blog tu verras ma futur jupe a bientôt biz

  3. Sounds like a plan! I used to be a riser at five, but suddenly I can't seem to lift my head off the pillow before six. Something to work towards?

  4. oh my gosh, I never thought to craft while supervising baths! My kids are going to have the longest baths now!


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