10 March, 2014

..just can't help myself!

I'm such a sucker for projects. Such a sucker for wanting to start things but when do I get to finish them?
You see, I had this plan to knit baby Laney another dress. I didn't know what I was going to knit nor what yarn to use but I knew I was going to do this but when I had finished my Raceway wrap.
Ha ha, famous last words!. You see, I logged onto Ravelry (like I do everyday!) and there was a KAL (knit-a-long) for the cutest dress that is knit from the top-down. Awesome I thought but wait, do I have the yarn? Yes, a quick dive into the yarn stash found me a variegated green yarn ball but do I have the needles? Yes.  Ok then, simple, join the KAL, buy then print the pattern & start it at lunch time.
Nope, no such like. IT.WOULD.NOT.PRINT.  After faffing around with the document & printer for nearly an hour, I gave up & told my hubby to print it when he got home. Nope, no such like. He faffed around with it for ages & then decided that because the yellow toner was low it wasn't going to work (even if it was printed in monochrome). So patiently waited until the weekend to get the toner - we couldn't go beforehand because the stupid car had broken down! Arghhh!!
The details are on Ravelry here.

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