25 June, 2014

The day my knitting made me cry....

Don't laugh...but my knitting needle broke & I cried.
You see, I was on holiday and this was my holiday car-crafty project but no, the knitting needle had to go & break on the first night!  Not only did it break but about 45 stitches came off the needle, dropping down about 5 rows....sob!
The piccie above shows some of my quick repair to the knitting.
When I got back from holiday, I went & bought steel knitting needles these suckers won't break (I hope)....but then I went & lost all the momentum for this project, I mean it actually made me cry and I have to forgive it for that before I can start knitty knitty again.

Has this ever happened to you or are you sitting there reading this & laughing at me???