25 June, 2014

The day my knitting made me cry....

Don't laugh...but my knitting needle broke & I cried.
You see, I was on holiday and this was my holiday car-crafty project but no, the knitting needle had to go & break on the first night!  Not only did it break but about 45 stitches came off the needle, dropping down about 5 rows....sob!
The piccie above shows some of my quick repair to the knitting.
When I got back from holiday, I went & bought steel knitting needles these suckers won't break (I hope)....but then I went & lost all the momentum for this project, I mean it actually made me cry and I have to forgive it for that before I can start knitty knitty again.

Has this ever happened to you or are you sitting there reading this & laughing at me???


  1. I'm not laughing but there is a wry smile on my face - this could easily be me. I've cried at smaller things... and a broken knitting needle could totally ruin a holiday. I get that. Other's wouldn't, but I do.
    Easy to fall out of love in such circumstances. It will take time.

  2. il y a des jours ou rien ne va comme on veux!! allez remotive toi ce projet vaut le coup et il y a des choses bien plus grave dans la vie !! c' est ce qui faut se dire biz

  3. Oh, that would make me cry too! Are the new ones Addis? I've found them very sturdy.

  4. I get that you lost your momentum for the project after that.
    Knitting needles are not supposed to break like that, just in the middle of a project. Especially when it was you holiday-car project!
    It certainly would throw me off completely!

  5. I'm so glad that you all understand!! (I was beginning to think I was a little bonkers!)


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