23 June, 2014

Made it Monday

There are 52 weeks in a year yet they can disappear so fast, I just wanted to take a few minutes each Monday to capture (in a few words) where did the week go and to share what was made/seen/baked/eaten/heard.
Come on in & join me...

Made:   A huge mess... I've lost a ball of wool that I was using! I have no idea where it has gone! The other 3 colours are there but not the 4th, the yarn monster has eaten it!
Heard:   Bubba Joe told us the funniest joke, he made it up by himself...  "Why did the crocodile cross the road?" .. "To get a chicken!"
Saw:   The biggest grin on baby Laney's face as she sucked on an orange!
Eaten: The best ever Spaghetti & Meatballs using this recipe!
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How was your week?

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