30 June, 2014

Made it Monday


There are 52 weeks in a year yet they can disappear so fast, I just wanted to take a few minutes each Monday to capture (in a few words) where did the week go and to share what was made/seen/baked/eaten/heard.
Come on in & join me...

Do you like my knitting bag...
it was decorated by bubba Joe & given to me for Mother's Day this year!

Made:   ..a mess. I'm starting to 'pack up' my crafty corner to give the space to the kids...I'll miss my space but trying to think of the greater good that will come out of it!
Heard:   "Do you get stopped a lot to be told that you have adorable children?" said the person who had stopped to tell me that my baby & toddler were adorable!
Saw:   on grey dismal winter days, we have been walking down to the beach (a 20min walk each way) & just watch the waves roll in & out again - it's kinda peaceful until the toddler starts chatting & the baby starts crying!
Eaten: I've been experimenting in the slow cooker - not everything has been a success but our tummies have been full!
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How was your week?

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  1. Love love love your knitting bag. Buba Joe is so talented.


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