17 June, 2014

My Winter Garden

One of the things I love about where we live, is our garden. It's not a fancy garden nor an overly productive garden but the most important thing is that it is ours.
Even bubba Joe has his own garden, actually he has two gardens! He has a Fairy Garden (on the above left pic) and a Dinosaur Garden (above right pic). He totally adores them, he helped pick out the plants and ornaments and is always out there playing with them.
Do you know that the above plant is?  It's a coffee tree! Yep, I'm going to grow my hubby some coffee (I don't drink it), I can't wait to see how it grows, fingers crossed that it doesn't get killed by the frost first though!
This is bubba Joe holding the Spaghetti Squash we harvested last month. Only one 'fruit' appeared on the vine & I haven't dared cook it yet - I'm just totally happy that I managed to grow spaghetti!  Have you ever grown, cooked or eaten one yet? I've only grown it, so now I have to figure out how to cook it!
And then there of course is my love of Succulents. I had always wanted to make a "Succulent Painting" ...so at the very first chance we made up a frame & I planted it out... this is what it looks almost 10mths on. I am super, super, super happy with it!  Have you ever made one?
I have also spread succulents throughout the garden placing them in terracotta pots as well as bubba Joe's old gumboots!
This twig shelter (above) was made by bubba Joe & my hubby. They built it from the trimmings of the apricot tree & I think it will be a permanent fixture in our garden.
Also if you look into the middle of this piccie you will see some twigs/branches bound together. My hubby & bubba Joe made this for me after I stated at lunch one day that we needed to put a sculpture in the garden. Apparently bubba Joe dragged my hubby into the back yard & pulled out a bunch of sticks & then told his Dadda to wind them together to build a crocodile for Mumma!

 BTW, the kitty cat in the first photo collage is not our cat. The cat is called Maggie & belongs to our neighbours but I think we need to rename her Daphne as she always sits on the pot that my Daphne plant grows!


  1. That is thd best twig shelter I have ever seen!

  2. Thankyou! I passed on your comment to my 3yo son who was delighted & said "yes it is"!!!!!!!!


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