09 June, 2014

Made it Monday


There are 52 weeks in a year yet they can disappear so fast, I just wanted to take a few minutes each Monday to capture (in a few words) where did the week go and to share what was made/seen/baked/eaten/heard.
Come on in & join me...

I received a fab surprise in the post, I'll tell you more later!

Phew!  After my husband declaring that he had two weeks off work and then deciding to go visit his parents & then drive down the West Coast of Tasmania on the way back down..... our plans went out the window as we suddenly had to travel up for a funeral and ended up staying at the inlaws for a week (ugh) with me & bubba Joe having a bad head cold, I also slipped down their super steep, highly varnished/glossy stairs & hurt my butt.... I have a massive bruise on it, my arm & one of my toes went black too....  boo.  Anyways, we are finally home, I still have my headcold & sore butt but at.least.we.are.home. 

Made: in an effort to keep my sanity at my in-laws, I sat & crocheted my blanket and also knitted in the long 7hour car trip there & back.
Heard: Me, crying after I fell down the stairs "I just wanna go home"
Saw: A big huge bumble bee, biggest one I've ever seen!
Eaten: not much (thank goodness) due to the cold!

How was your week? How do you survive your in-laws?

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  1. Oh my goodness. That fall does not sound good at all. Take care you. Hope the head cold passes real soon.


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