27 June, 2014

and now it's time to vote!

I made this dress back in May for a competition.. well, today is the day to vote for it - that is if you like it!!
So, if it pleases, then pop over HERE to vote for it! It is called the Scalloped Neckline Lace Dress & it's the first in the Voting Box.
So pretty please vote, if not for me then for someone else!
Thanks to you and I hope you all have the most wonderful weekend!

ps, just in case the link doesn't work, here it is again:  http://monpetitviolon.com/2014/06/26/competition-it-is-time-to-vote/

1 comment:

  1. elle est adorable cette petite robe bravo je vote de suite a bientôt biz


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