16 June, 2014

Made It Monday


There are 52 weeks in a year yet they can disappear so fast, I just wanted to take a few minutes each Monday to capture (in a few words) where did the week go and to share what was made/seen/baked/eaten/heard.
Come on in & join me...

Made: What haven't I made! I've knitted, crocheted & baked all in the effort to keep warm during this blast of cold weather! (well, it is Winter!!)
Heard: ..bubba Joe sits me down & then goes on to explain "it was magic Mumma" (it was magic that the toy went back in the box & then he had to pull them all out again!)
Saw: Lil Laney is starting to wave "bubububub-bye" which is totally cute!
Eaten: Currently munching on fruit cake after popping Butter Chicken into the slow cooker for dinner tonight. You can make it too, the recipe is from here!

How was your week? Do you use a Slow Cooker too? (if so, what recipe or recipe book do you use the most?


  1. Anonymous16 June, 2014

    I really like hearing about your previous weeks, especially the kids sound very sweet :-)

  2. Awe, you're a sweetie! Thankyou.


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