11 June, 2014

Some sherbet lovelies

How about these amazing colours! Do they remind you of sherbet?
I won these beautiful balls of (cotton) yarn from the super fab blog, Color 'n' Cream, I totally love her blog & the colours that she crochets with & often find myself staring at her beautiful photos. These aren't normally my colours but I always admire her work, so when I won these, I jumped for joy - a chance of stepping out of my boring world of colour into something fun & exciting!
I sat down straight away & started to crochet something, these colours are beautiful but I needed something more. So after consulting my 3 year old (!), we went to the shops & found some similar weight/type of yarn in green & white.
I'll keep you updated with how it progresses.  Do you often find yourself in a 'colour rut' or is that just me? I find it hard to pick colour palettes, do you? What would you have used them for if you won them?