06 June, 2014

Joe & his Milo

So I knitted my boy a vest called a Milo vest. I knitted it within a very short space of time as it needed to be done in May but me being me....didn't do a test swatch and well, it's more of a dress on him but he'll grow into it (eventually!).

This is also our backyard, I so love having a backyard -  I'll do another post later with more piccies of it.
 And this of course, is what the actual vest looks like without a model!

More details on Ravelry here...


  1. Anonymous06 June, 2014

    He is very cute in it :-) and having a backyard must be great!

  2. Better to big than too small.

    I've been meaning to give this pattern ago but at this stage am still a little intimidated by the whole knitting in the round thang. Am determined to have a go though before the winter is over.


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