06 August, 2014

balls 'n' squares

Searching my stash looking for inspiring colours to make a bag for the swap. Are you joining in with the swap? You can knit, sew or crochet a project bag & then, you get happy mail! Yes, a parcel in the post just for you, come on & join in!  ...but first, tell me...

Do you like these granny squares? Are they too red?
I was a bit sceptical at first but I've warmed up to them.
or perhaps, should I cheat & buy one of these for my swap partner.....
 Yarn Cozy -- Round Drawstring Bag - Knitting project bag -- Amy Butler  Knitting Project bag. Craft bag. Campervan Bag

Yellow circles bag by Siam Square
Wooden handle VW bag by Quince Pie
all images via sources


  1. They look good on my screen not to red at all. I've been trying to find some fabric in my stash today but then I was thinking maybe i will embellish a plain tote (but that would be cheating)

  2. No, that isn't classed as cheating! Cheating is allowed but only if it is good cheating!

  3. They are a bit bright for my taste but everyone is different and I'm sure others will love them. :)


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