30 July, 2014

Some things about now..

Hello!  It's winter here in Australia and here in Tasmania it is really windy - there was an even a mini tornado which is not a normal thing for us down here!  Do you have crazy weather like that?
What have you been doing to keep busy? I am on the last bit of my Raceway Wrap, just knitting the binding, yay!

As I was finishing the last of wrap I needed another 'car craft' project so I grabbed another project and popped it in the car....but would you believe the end of the knitting needle snapped off!  Arghh!  First my knitting needles broke then the end of another pair snaps off! Huh, is life trying to tell me something!
I am also getting people sign-uping for The Project Bag Swap which is pretty cool! If you are in Australia, are you joining in?
I can't wait to make something & totally can't wait to get my swap parcel in the post!   Maybe you could do me a favour (because you are totally awesome & beautiful), could you promote this on your blog/Facebook/Instagram etc. Even if your not in Australia you may have Australian readers/fans that may like to join in. If you'd like to help promote it, please feel free to use the above image & link back to the info here....

So.... what things about now have you been up too?


  1. I love the first shop! As soon as the owner gets back, I'm ordering buttons and a needle gauge :)

    1. Isn't it just fab! I see my mother-inlaw's Christmas presents all planned out from that shop!


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